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  • Ontario Educational Article of the Month - What Are The Best Repellents For Ontario Geese?

What Are The Best Repellents For Ontario Geese?

Do you live in California geese affected area? Probably these large creatures have started destroying your premises with their droppings. Moreover, they bring lots of harmful disease viruses to the area and make it difficult to live for humans and pets around. In such cases, it becomes important to find a potential way to deal with the geese. One of the most commonly used technique to scare geese away from the human habitats is repellents. These repellents come in a variety of forms and have a variable impact on these large birds. Some of these are listed below:

It is a registered repellent or chemical formula to deal with geese problem is anthraquinone. It is recommended as per US government regulations and is considered as one of the most potential product to deal with Ontario geese. This repellent is used to spray on the products that are further applied in the grass invaded by geese so frequently.

Methyl Anthranilate
Here is another potential ingredient that is approved by FDA to use against Ontario geese. The good news about this product is that it is safe to use against humans and pets. Hence, anyone can use this repellent in the garden and yard area invaded by geese. Expert advises to mix this repellent into the water and then spray in the geese affected area. Note that this product is currently available in three forms: TP 40-liquid form, TP 50-powder form and AG 36- semi-liquid form.

Another commonly used solution to deal with the California geese problem is explosive. But if you are planning to use this technique, it is important to take permission as per your state regulations. Use of firearms is prohibited in many localities so you can think of using this technique only after checking your local norms. It is banned because the shots can cause harm to the properties, humans, and pets around.

Gas ignitors
Few advanced techniques are also available. When you cannot use firearms to control Ontario geese problem, it is good to look for gas ignitors. But these gasoline based lighters use to create lots of noise, so again it can be a restricted option in your area.

One of the simplest technique to deal with the California geese problem is to tame help from your pets. If you have large dogs and cats at home, they can easily do the job of scaring geese from your property. Many homeowners have already used this method and are able to gain success to protect their surroundings. But, this solution is possible only if you have a limited number of geese in your area and you don't live near a large source of water where geese keep on gathering in large number. However, in case if none of these options are able to provide you desired results, it is good to call professional goose exterminators. They know right tips and techniques to handle these large birds and can protect your house for a long run. You can fix an appointment with these professionals online, and they will make arrangements for trapping these large birds with trustworthy techniques on time.

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