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  • Ontario Educational Article of the Month - What are some of the symptoms of a sick wild Ontario animal?

What are some of the symptoms of a sick wild Ontario animal?

For the most part, you should always try and avoid wild Ontario animals. There are still some people who think no harm can come from playing with an overly friendly fox or picking up a wild bunny. The truth is animals can be sick, and that can make them dangerous. They can quickly transmit diseases during that contact, no matter how brief it is. But, how do you tell if an animal is sick? There are a few ways to know if an animal is sick. All you have to do is observe them.

For example, if a California animal has rabies, they might seem confused and wander around your property. They may appear confused or disoriented. You may also notice that they are drooling in excess, look skittish, or show aggression towards you.

If you find a sick mouse in your house or yard, it may appear lethargic. It might look hunched over and won't even move when you approach, but you will be able to see it breathing. Most of the time if you discover a mouse it will run away, fast. If there's one just sitting there when you pull out the stove or washing machine, you'll know it's sick.

A sick California bird can show a lot of signs. You may find it walking around in circles in your yard; it might have trouble standing or continuously pick at its feathers. Keep in mind if you see a sick baby animal in the wild, it's a little different. Your first instinct might be to take it home and try to take care of it, but this is often not the best thing to do. You can call someone and let them know you've found it. The mother may be off hunting or just away for a while. You can watch the animal for a couple of days to see if she comes back.

Not all animals show the same signs when they are sick. For example, an Ontario squirrel who is ill may have discharge coming from the eyes or mouth. They may exhibit spasms and sneeze or a cough. As with any sick animal you shouldn't approach it yourself. The best thing to do if you see an animal acting strangely call an expert to remove it from your property. It's also important to know that sometimes sick California animals won't show any signs. Those animals that are preyed upon are good at hiding it because they don't want predators to see them as weak. You can get sick from an animal showing no signs, so the best thing to do is just stay away from wild animals whenever possible, but stay away from any animals behaving strangely.

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